Yvonamor Palix was honored to be a guest at the fundraising gala in the Rothko Chapel
with the legendary Lynne Wyatt Paper City Article
FRANCE PAVILION - March 2-5, 2017                  
Guest Curator Yvonamor Palix
Featured artists from the gallery: Sylvie Deluseau, Emilie Duval, Romain Froquet, Marlot & Chopard, Alicia Paz.
AUSTIN ART FAIR - March 31 -April 2, 2017                 
Romain Froquet has a new show up in France and is here is an interview for our French audience. ROMAIN FROQUET INTERVIEW
Currently on view a curated sampling of Page Piland's art works at Kitchen and Bath Concepts at The Houston Design Center.

May to June 2017
Houston Design Center | 7026 Old Katy Rd, Houston, TX 77024
Monday to Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday to Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm
The private viewing of the Mexican Modernists at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston - June 2017