Joelma Regis

Brazilian-born Joelma Regis is passionate about art in all of its forms. When she lived in Italy, she danced with the professional multicultural artistic group, Gen Verde, for four years. With 23 artists from 13 different countries the group created music, dance, lighting, and theatre together, travelling around Europe to perform and lead workshops.

Since moving to Texas, she has focused on her studio art, and her works have been included in a variety of exhibitions. Her artwork is based on human relationships and dialogues. She creates installations that raise awareness to today’s social and cultural issues. In 2015 she curated her first art show, at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, involving students and professors in an exhibition called The Other, Another Me – Tearing Down the Walls of Indifference.  

Her work with clay is particularly enchanting to her as she explores different textures, forms and colors, including in the use of glass and textile. She has been experimenting different ways of using textile with plaster as well, creating original and delicate work. Fragility is a strong characteristic on her work with clay and plaster.