2022 International Women’s Day

We invite you to celebrate women on March 8th, 11-2pm

Restorative Love
Join the circle of Hope for women on this special day.  Create a space where we feel whole, present in the moment, safe, heard, loved, and respected for who we are workshop animated by Karine Parker, Director of the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts and “Be the peace, Be the Hope”

Drawing the self
An individualized rapid drawing class for women given by Guillermo Busquets.  Busquets is an international artist and professor of fine arts at the University of Buenos Aires whose paintings and drawings are of high recognition around the world. 

Feel Me Roar
Communal drum circle dedicated to women around the world. Animated by social worker, activist and body guru, Roselia Bañuelos.

Tango and the Woman
An initiation to the art of Tango  offered by instructor Roy Mendez.

Petit marché Vintage
Pre loved objects and designer fashion by Odette’s Secret Closet.

Libations and fun for everyone 11-2 pm at ARTÍQUE located at 1024 Studewood, Houston Heights, 77008.

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