Romain Froquet

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“The works of Roman Froquet are an invitation to the fantasy and the uniqueness of a universe stemming from his own subconscious. Froquet, a self taught artist directs his passion for drawing to diverse mediums without prejudice. He is as comfortable painting on an easel, or on the street enveloping the walls of lost dismal areas of town or creating site specific installations. He wishes to express himself with or without a public sometimes choosing obscure urban areas to dress the walls with his delicate tree like representations that bring color and joy to an otherwise gloomy background. The surface is of no importance nor the visibility of his installations, here he presents himself as an ephemeral artist and as a performer – it is his process that becomes paramount not the public display. The installation and ephemeral works of Froquet pose a question, if the work was created and installed, but because it was never seen and the rain and environment destroy it, did it ever exist? His works are aesthetic punctuations in obscure urban settings that simply make a statement left to be deciphered.”

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