Dialogues: Selected Artists from the Gallery

September 2022

Lesley Bodzy Gabriel Buschets  Claire Richards Vladimir Osiff Diego Linares

Romain Froquet Ellen Hart Rebecca Tolk

Folds of Desire
by Lesley Bodzy

April 9th – June 4th, 2022

Bodzy’s first solo exhibition in Texas is composed of free standing sculptures, wall pieces and installations. Her recent works reveal the plasticity of the inner self to protect itself from the wounds of life experiences. It is a sensual and enveloping representation of a desire evoking untainted and pure luminescence.

Sahara Desert, A Timeless Story

Photographs by Abdeslam Khelil
March 5th – April 2nd, 2022

Please join us for the opening of the exhibit by Algerian born Abdeslam Khelil.
The exhibition titled, “ Sahara Desert, a timeless story” will open to the public on Saturday March 5th from 2pm to 6pm. 
Abdeslam’s daughter Rym will be present from 4pm to 6pm to share stories about her father’s physical and spiritual journey to the Sahara Desert and his time spent with the beautiful Touareg Tribe.
The photographs in the exhibition are both poetic and powerful. They reveal the  essence and the fortitude often found in the peoples of the “South”.  On this occasion we will have a drum circle for guests to enjoy or participate in.  Feel free to bring your own drum or borrow one of ours. We are honored to host such a sublime exhibit and hope that the profound message of love, compassion and regard for the “other” will resonate with you and your families. 

Yvonamor Palix

This exhibit is non commercial. The gallery is honored to showcase works of quality and of social interest free of charge.

Abdeslam KHELIL est un photographe algérien, saharien, né le 15 mars 1942 dans le sud de l’Algérie. Artiste émérite, il parvient à cristalliser la grandeur de paysages et de portraits du Sud algérien, sa source, sa ressource, son origine et son bonheur. Tous en noir et blanc. Durant des années, il sillonne l’Algérie, le Sahara notamment, pousse jusqu’aux frontières maliennes et mauritaniennes, séjournant souvent chez ses amis Touareg, sa famille « adoptive ». Il y réalise, chaque fois, de merveilleux clichés. Cet amoureux du désert affirme tranquillement : « Au Sahara, les gens n’ont rien à prouver, ils savent ce qu’ils sont… » Depuis 1960, Abdeslam expose ses somptueux tableaux photographiques dans sa galerie artistique située à Alger, que l’un de ses fidèles visiteurs, Pr. Melikechi, décrit comme : « Un lieu où l’essence d’un monde apaisant rehausse subtilement les liens entre le silence et son potentiel, la beauté et son magnétisme, la résilience et ses éléments, la vie et son omniprésence. »

Abdeslam KHELIL is an Algerian, saharan photographer, born on March the 15th, 1942, in the South of Algeria.
The brilliant artist managed to capture the Sahara greatness through soulful portraits and sceneries, all in black and white, mostly taken in the big Algerian South, down to the Libyan and Mauritanian borders, his source of pride. His origin. His joy.
Abdeslam claims to be a desert wanderer: Indeed, for many years, he has traveled Algeria and the African continent, hosted by what he considers to be his “adoptive” family: the Touareg. This desert lover declares “In the Sahara, people have nothing to prove, they know what they are worth.”
The timeless artist exposes his sumptuous photographs in a mysterious gallery located in Algiers, where he has brought some of his land of origin. A place reflecting his nomadic soul which one of his faithful visitors, Pr. Melikechi describes as: “A place where the essence of a calming world ingeniously tightens the connections between silence and its potential, beauty and its magnetism, resilience and its elements, life and its omnipresence”.

This event is part of the French Cultures Festival coordinated by the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Houston

Ron Gordon Intuitive Gestures

Opening october 16th

Hosted by ARTìQUE, located at 1024 Studewood Street, Historic Houston Heights, TX, 77008

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“Pause and Reflection” series

Sunday, October 17th from 4pm-6pm

Claude Yacoub, Ephemeral art, 20th century to current history  
Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Arc de Triomphe, Paris

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Sunday October 24th 6-8 pm

Sarah Gajkowski-Hill
Resiliency & Poetry
Navigating the Pandemic, Together 

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Yvonamor Palix Fine Arts presents
3 French abstract Expressionists:
Olivier Debré, Jean Marie Haessle and Romain Froquet. 

Opening dates March 27th & 28th 2-6 pm.

Hosted by ARTìQUE, located at 1024 Studewood, in the Historic Houston Heights, 77008

Cello performance by Louis Marie Fardet on Saturday, 2-3pm.
Harp performance by Joanna Whitsett on Sunday, 4-6pm.
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The gallery is open Tuesday- Saturday 10-5pm or by appointment. 

This exhibit is a part of the 2021 French Cultures Festival


Newly curated by Yvonamor Palix A superb modern construction residence by Crestview Homes and represented by Southern Prime Realty located at 1811 Portsmouth.  

Open house on Sunday 2-5 pm or by appointment for a guided tour. 

Yvonamor Palix Fine Arts
hosted by ARTìQUE in the Historic Houston Heights

Program for October

Friday’s 6:00-8:00pm

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Saturday, October 24

EFGH, Education Française Greater Houston FRENCH BOOK SALE!
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Friday, October 30th

ARS LYRICA presents a Lyrical Performance by Mezzo Soprano Cecilia Duarte and an early music ensemble.
Limited tickets available.
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Paris Rive Gauche

with Lesley Bodzy, Sylvie Delusseau and Lenore Prudhomme

A look back in time at the artistic expressions and styles of impressionist painters through the eyes and styles of three contemporary artists.

March 1 – March 21, 2020
1024 Studewood Street
Historic Houston Heights, 77008

C. Ellen Hart

Memory and Reflections

January 18th – February 28th, 2020


Yvonamor Palix curated “Flight of the Monarch” the International Art Biennial, Houston at Sawyer Yards/Spring Street Studios 2019-2020

Our first second Saturday event on October 12th featured the “Butterfly Talks” with Nicole Kenley-Miller, Keli Chevalier, Dr. Cat Karmel, Veronique Eberhart, Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee as speakers.