Studio Marlot & Chopard

Studio Marlot & Chopard is a French duo artist working with photography and video since 1996. Their work questions natural or urban landscape and architectural heritage, but is also about dreaming and the atmosphere the night can provide.
Their work mainly focuses on creating a fantasized territory, using through the series components the reconstruction of imaginary places or the juxtaposition of temporal layers, whose unity is aes- thetical above all. Marlot and Chopard are keen to get the emotion that an unexpected encounter with the eeriness of a place can offer, also its signi cance with a familiar reference which provides its beauty, by visiting and discovering more and more places without looking back. Indeed, the images cherish multiple references to other art forms, whether it is painting or sculpture, and cin- ema or music for the videos, as well as personal anecdotal references which lay among the works like a life pattern or a way of being and thinking evolving throughout the possible encounters and other circumstances of life.

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